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Page Resources: Free Graphics - Backgrounds - Buttons - Animations - Banners - Midi's - Other Web Graphics


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Tiled Backgrounds Index

Here we have 100% Free Tiled Backgrounds for you to use on your website. Our tiles also make excellent textures if you require them for any paint programs. These textures and tiles were mostly created by Page Resources, the rest were found on a wide variety of free graphic collections online. With our wide range of background colours to choose from, you're sure to find some images you can use on your homepage.

 If you'd like to use any of our free tiled backgrounds, right click on the image and choose 'save background as'. If we find anyone linking directly to our images, we will be forced to remove them.

 We'll be displaying all tiled backgrounds at a size of 150 x 250, most of the actual tiles are 100 x 100 -  Hopefully this will allow you to see how the tiled backgrounds will look on your website. We suggest a great little freeware program called 'webtester' for testing your tiles and textures. Click Here to Download it Now!

Our Range of Free Tiled Backgrounds

 [Animal Backgrounds] 

 [Black Backgrounds] 

 [Blue Backgrounds]   [Brown Backgrounds
 [Food Backgrounds  [Green Backgrounds
 [Grey Backgrounds  [Misc Backgrounds
 [Orange Backgrounds  [Pink Backgrounds
 [Purple Backgrounds]   [Red Backgrounds] 
 [White Backgrounds  [Yellow Backgrounds


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