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  Page Resources aims to provide Free Backgrounds, Free Buttons, Free Animations and many other Free Web Graphics for use on homepages or by web designers. The bulk of the images within these pages were created by us, others were collected over the years from various free websites - whichever way, these pages contain 1000s of free graphics for you to browse!!

All we ask is that you DO NOT link directly to these images. If we find people linking to our graphics, we will take the website down or be forced to password protect them.

   The free graphics categories at the top are only the top level categories. Tiled Backgrounds is separated into misc tiled backgrounds, food tiled backgrounds, animal tiled backgrounds and into colours: black tiled backgrounds, blue tiled backgrounds, brown tiled backgrounds, green tiled backgrounds, grey tiled backgrounds, orange tiled backgrounds, pink tiled backgrounds, purple tiled backgrounds, red tiled backgrounds, white tiled backgrounds, yellow tiled backgrounds.

   Tiled Backgrounds
     Our Animations were partly found on free websites and partly found on - we suggest you visit their brilliant site if you're looking for more quality animations. Here we have various 3D Animations as well as the more common cartoon style Animations. Our animations have either black backgrounds, white backgrounds or are transparent gifs - we've displayed them on black and white checks so you can what background they suit best. Our animations are easily categorized for your browsing pleasure. Free Animations
        Sidebar Backgrounds are backgrounds that have an image or pattern on the left hand side of the page, which continues down the page. Sidebar Backgrounds is separated into; White Sidebar Backgrounds, Black Sidebar Backgrounds, Animal Design Sidebar Backgrounds and Misc Sidebar Backgrounds (contains mixed colours).
Free Web Buttons Web Buttons is made up of various blank buttons in different shapes and sizes with different backgrounds and textures. We've sorted them into shapes for easy browsing. You can use paintshop pro or some other graphics program to add your own text.
  Misc. Graphics contains a variety of free graphics you can use on your website. Including dividers, welcome signs - animated and static, 'email me' buttons - animated and static, misc 3D shapes - bats, frogs, feet, hands, hearts, lizards, ribbons and various other shapes - blank banners - paint them yourself!! Free 3D Graphics and Buttons
If you'd like a little sound for your website, our Sound Files contains a large selection of Midi files, collected from all over the web, 100% Free Midi's for your downloading pleasure!
Regular visitors may notice this site has been drastically re-designed?! Page Resources was one of the first sites I'd ever designed and it was very outdated. Plus, some users were linking to my graphics and I couldn't allow that because tripod shuts down sites that go over their limits. Aside from my Amazon link and of course, Tripod's annoying pop-ups, this site provides nothing but completely free graphics

If you download any graphics from Page Resources, you may like to link back to our site!

Page Resources provides for your homepage: Free Tiled Backgrounds, Free Sidebar Backgrounds, Free Buttons, Free Midi's, Free Animations, Free 3D Shapes, Free Textures, Free Graphics Galore!!

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