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Page Resources - Links Page

Maybe a little self serving, these are sites made by or recommended by the designer of Page Resources.

The graphics on Page Resources are completely free for your use on homepages or any type of website you're building, so please allow us to advertise a little here.

Website Description - Click The Title to Check Out the Website
Movies N Posters For movie buffs, find all the latest movie posters plus a huge range of posters from classic film. Find your favourite movie, buy the poster, get the video or DVD or all sorts of other great movie merchandise!
Turtlewebs Freelance Website Design Based in Sydney Australia - Designing websites for businesses and individuals for a price you can't beat. Domain registration and hosting is organized and the website is designed, complete with custom graphics, uploading, creating email addresses and basic search engine submission and optimization - all your worries are taken care of by me. Click through and check it out!
Quiltkingdom Quality Hand-painted quilts and patchwork quilts. 100% cotton quilts in beautiful designs, with ocean scenes, animal themes, kids designs and suns stars and moon designs - the quilts from Quiltkingdom are Artwork for your bed!
Appaloosa Toys Appaloosa Toys Import and Wholesale Quality Toys. Based in Sydney, Appaloosa is a leading supplier of toys to service stations, supermarkets, shops and market stalls Australia wide. They specialise in play sets, plush toys, novelties, die cast vehicles, gift lines and party lines. 
Turtlewebs Market Stall An online version of an offline market stall, TurtleWebs offers quality Australian made incense, retro nodding dogs and books on incense, aromatherapy and massage. Based in Sydney Australia.
Rainbowsauce GLBT Media Resources Rainbowsauce GLBT Media Resources lists over 2000 fiction and non-fiction books categorized into gay fiction and non-fiction, lesbian fiction and non-fiction and a collective glbt fiction and non-fiction. Rainbowsauce also features gay and lesbian film and music - free gay pride graphics - gay and lesbian pride jewelry and other queer gifts.
Amazon Books Turtlewebs, Rainbowsauce and Page Resources have an affiliation with - If you're an avid reader, Amazon has 100s if not 1000s of books on any subject, Fiction and Non-Fiction. Please use one of our search boxes and check them out.
Crime Files: Books on Crime Displays a selection of books on Crime, Criminals, Criminal Investigation, The F.B.I and Computer Crime.
Turtle Toys Portal to all the greatest toys online today, from plush toys to video games, play sets, bicycles, board games, dress up costumes and a whole lot more - if you want toys, this is the place to search!
Wolf Heaven For the true wolf lovers!! Wolf Heaven features fantastic pictures of wolves in the wild, wolf pups, wolf packs, calendars of wolves, books about wolves - everything a wolf lover could ever want.
Dolphin Dreams Dolphin Posters!! Fantasy style pictures and actual photographic prints featuring these beautiful creatures. They can be custom framed on purchase or you can buy the poster itself - great for marine animal lovers!

Picture Perfect USA and UK

Interested in photography? These sites feature all the latest cameras and camera equipment - including digital cameras, web cams, camcorders, film cameras, camera accessories, darkroom equipment and more. Also features books on photography and prints by professional photographers.
Retro Style For lovers of vintage advertising as an art form - if you liked the style back in the days when advertising posters were a work of art - you'll love Retro Style. Featuring categories like; vintage movie posters, coca-cola collectables, food advertising, travel advertising, Russian war propaganda posters, vintage car posters and a lot more.
Sports Photography Turtlewebs Sports Photography is for all sports fans out there - featuring fantastic photos and art prints from every sport you can think of! It also features loads of sporting links, with everything from sporting goods to fan gear for popular sports worldwide!
Music Posters Find your favourite band or artist on our music poster website - we feature artists from all music genres - as well as art that was inspired by music. You can also find CDs and other great music links.
Vintage Posters Vintage advertising fans will love the huge selection of vintage posters found on Turtlewebs! These posters are from the days when advertising was closer to art - no photos, all illustrated advertising posters - truly stylish wall decoration.
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