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100% Free Animations

   The animations on these pages come partly from various free sites around the net and partly from The Animation Factory. If you're looking for quality animations other than those on Page Resources, Animation Factory is the place to go!! We add new animations to our archives when free space allows it, so please come back sometime!

Please remember, if you want to use any of these animations on your own website, right click on the image and choose 'save as' to save it to your computer.

All our animated Gifs are shown on black and white so you can see whether they suit a light or dark background.

Animated Gif Categories - Click on Any Category to Go to That Page

Animated Animals Animated Signs Animated Objects
Includes: Animated 3D Turtle, Two Hippos, Stallion, Animated Horse, Animated Merry-go-round,  Rocking Horse, Monkey Clock, Animated Kangaroo + Aussie Flag, Cats, Koalas, Pandas, Penguin, Flying Pig, Seahorse, Wolves, Spider, Starfish, Lizard, Tiger, Turtles, Whales, Bats, Birds, Cats, Dogs, Butterflies, Leopards, Animated Ferrets, Dragon, Unicorn, Cats Eyes, Fish, Goldfish, Pink Pelican and Frogs. Includes: Animated Complaints Sign, No Nukes Sign, Sold Sign, Valentines Day Sign, Welcome Signs, Ten-pin Bowling Signs, Under Construction Sign, Tour Sign and Save Big Sign. Includes: Animated Guitar, Clock, Hair Dryer, Kahlua Bottle, Lava Lamps, Weapons, Animated Oil Lamp, Piggy Bank, Watch, Record Player, Gramophone, Saxophone, Scissors, Animated Drums, Stop Watch, Street Lamp, Surfboard, Cocktail, Barber Pole, Beer Mug, Candle, Dice and Grandfather Clock.
Business Animations Cartoon Animations Animated People
Includes: Open 24 hrs Sign, Animated Laptop, Reading Lamp, Sold Sign, Drink Tray, Computer Mouse, Come Again Sign, Save Big Sign, Time is Money, Video Player, Catalogue Man, Business Meeting, Diary and Pen, Drill Press, Service Robots and Credit Machine. Includes: Animated Pikachu, Cats, Simpson Characters, Wolves, Seahorse, Running Hamster, Pigs, Possums, Sharks, Frogs, Turtles, Bats, Viking, Dog, Frogs, Itchy and Scratchy, Ferrets, Elephant, Cats and Dolphins. Includes: Animated Dancing Baby, Eye and Keyhole, Kids Dressed as Adult, Lady in Bathtub, Balancing Clown, Clown, Dancing Man, Surfer Boy, Snorkel Man, Blinking Eye, Animated Genie, Neon Lady.
Miscellaneous Animations  
Includes: Animated Cars, Motor Bikes, Lightning, Misc Objects, Stone Statue, Outhouse, Day and Night Animation, Apple, Space Objects, Stars, Starship Enterprise, Spinning Star, Australian Flag, Rocking Caravan, Cracking Egg, Animated Monsters, Cogs, Bowling Pins, Devils, Disco Ball, Female Symbol, Fireworks, Old Scrolls, Computer Jokes, Fountain, Gargoyles and Treasure Chests.  

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