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Misc. Animated Objects

The animated gifs on this page are just misc objects we've found around the place and are 100% free for you to download. The animated gifs within Page Resources were gathered from free graphic sites all over the internet and also from Animation Factory. If you'd like to search for other quality animations, we here at page resources suggest - the best animations online.

To Download - Right Click on the Image you wish to Download and Choose 'Save As'

Note: If we find anyone linking directly to Page Resources we will be forced to password protect our site or remove the images altogether. - Please be patient while these graphics load!

Guitar Animated Gif Animated Alarm Clock Animated Hair Dryer Kahlua Bottle
Lava Lamp Animated Gif Oil Lamp Animated Gif Animated Mace Lava Lamp
Piggy Bank Animated Gif Fob Watch Animated Gif Gramophone Animated Gif Animated Record Player
Saxophone Animated Gif Animated Scissors Animated Bongo Drums Stop Watch Animated Gif
Street Lamp Animated Surfboard Smaller Surfboard Cocktail Animated Gif
Chrome Toy Animated Gif Animated Piggy Bank Beer Mug Animated Gif Animated Barber Pole
Animated Dice Candle Animated Gif Radio Speakers Animated Gif Guitar Animated Gif
  Animated Grandfather Clock Animated Hair Dryer  

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